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[Save money strategy] 2021 Black Friday strategy, 10 categories of products with the largest discounts

by Jack
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When is Black Friday in the United States? What discounts are the most on Black Friday? What are the things worth buying on Black Friday? How to save some high unit price goods money through Black Friday?

Next, I will introduce physical stores and online shopping strategies for Black Friday, and finally, sort out ten types of products that will be discounted on Black Friday. You can also prepare a list and buy Christmas gifts in advance.

Introduction to Black Friday

Black Friday discount


Black Friday is the craziest shopping season in the United States of the year. It can reach $7.4 billion in sales on that day. This year, it will hit November 27, 2020, a few days earlier than November 29, 2019.

Black Friday is a Christmas sale in American malls after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It is also the time when the discounts are highest throughout the year. In 2018, online sales alone reached 9.9 billion U.S. dollars.

Ten years ago, Black Friday discounts were actually very simple. Just go to the front of the traditional stores (Macy’s, Best Buy), line up, and open the door on time to rush to buy. But now there are many e-commerce platforms that provide price comparisons. Slightly extended shopping time.

The Monday after Thanksgiving is called Cyber ​​Monday . At this time, everyone will buy things on the Internet. Most of my friends will buy Christmas gifts in advance on Black Friday.


  • 2021: November 26th
  • 2020: November 27
  • 2019: November 29

Note: Best Buy, Costco, Macy’s, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Sam’s Club will provide Black Friday discount posters and catalogs half a month in advance.

Shopping artifact: cash back tool (10% – 25%)

Black Friday Raiders

Rakuten is a Cash Back website. In addition to credit card feedback, you can earn cash back. There will be websites from time to time, with higher rewards. The highest value is 10% or higher, and different% of different websites will be rewarded.

Usually on Black Friday, there will be more than 700 merchants, reaching 15% of the cash back , coupled with your commonly used credit card, you can achieve 15% + 1 – 5% (credit card) cash back ! ( Be sure to remember to turn it on!! )Application Rakuten

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What are the things to buy on Black Friday?

The main discounted items, small household appliances, electrical appliances, TVs, and computers, are all products with a lot of discounts. For example, 55-inch TVs can be as low as USD199, Apple computers start at USD649, and Dyson V10 USD349.

  • Website host (if there are people who have a website)
  • television
  • computer
  • home appliances
  • camera

Below I have divided into 10 categories, and I often see products with a lot of discounts, so you can do your homework in advance before buying!

Black Friday buying guide

Black Friday Raiders

There are two main types, one is the discount only available in the store, and the other is online shopping, which can be matched with online shopping cash back to Rakuten to maximize discounts!

Strategy 1: physical store

Some discounts are only available in the store. They are only available in the store, and they are usually limited. A friend of mine told me that in order to slow down the speed of rushing, the store will put the usual store decorations in the wind. in different places.

When buying in a physical store, you should pay attention to the “business hours” and “in-store discount catalog”

In-store Black Friday Raiders
the shop’s name11/28
Black Friday
Product catalog
Best Buy5:00pm-1:00am8:00am-10:00pmCheck
Costcoclose the doorOpen at 9:00amCheck
Macys5:00pm-2:00amOpen at 6:00amCheck
JC PennyOpen at 2:00pmAll DayCheck
WalmartOpen at 6:00pmOpen all dayCheck
Target5:00pm-1:00amOpen at 7:00amCheck
Sam’s Clubclose the doorOpen at 7:00amCheck
KohlsOpen at 6:00pmOpen all dayCheck
GameStop3:00pm-10:00pmOpen at 7:00amIn-store view

List 9 popular stores with regular specials

Strategy 2: Online merchants

In order to compete with Amazon, many traditional stores offer online Black Friday discounts, and the annual online discounts will start earlier than the Black Friday in physical stores.

The strategy of online shopping is to browse the Black Friday page of each merchant in advance to grasp the starting period!

Black Friday online shopping strategy!
the shop’s nameBlack Friday websiteEarliest discount start time
Best BuyOfficial Websitein progress
WalmartOfficial websitein progress
CostcoOfficial website11/28 start
TargetOfficial website11/28 – 11/30
MacysOfficial website11/27 – 11/30
JCPennyOfficial website11/28 – 11/30
GamestopOfficial website
KohlOfficial website11/28
Bed Bath and BeyondOfficial websitein progress
Home DepotOfficial websitein progress
DellOfficial websitePre Friday in progress
LenovoOfficial websitePre Friday discount: 11/18
Black Friday discount: 11/28
HPOfficial website11/20
MicrosoftOfficial website11/28 12:00 am start

Ten categories of heavily discounted products

Black Friday must buy

Usually the ten most discounted categories are small household appliances and electrical appliances. If you want to buy TVs, vacuum cleaners, computers, earphone peripherals, and kitchenware, you can buy them as soon as the Black Friday discounts.

I have listed some reference prices myself, as well as common Black Friday discounts. I usually wait and see them, but the actual prices still have to refer to the price indications on the webpage.

1. Web Hosting

My blog is currently used: This website is made by WordPress ( Namecheap + SiteGround + WP Rocket + Soledad theme )

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kindsnameDiscountDiscount timePromo Code
HostCloudways (the first host)6 fold11/14-12/4Save money with a hand knife
SiteGround (novice host)2.5% off11/29-12/3Save money with a hand knife
Bluehost (Novice Host)3 fold11/25-12/2Save money with a hand knife
themeThemeForest (theme market)50% off11/26-12/3Save money with a hand knife
Soledad (I currently use)50% off11/26-12/3Save money with a hand knife
Flatsome (suitable for e-commerce)50% off11/26-12/3Save money with a hand knife
Avada (suitable for personal image website)50% off11/26-12/3Save money with a hand knife
Plug-inElementor (page creation)7% off1125-12/2Save money with a hand knife
WP_Rocket (Website acceleration)65% off11/26-12/3Save money with a hand knife

A must-have tool to become a webmaster

It is recommended to set notifications in your calendar, remember to buy during the promotion period, you can save a lot of money! ! !

Petty bourgeoisie, New York engineer Jack cares about you

If you want to start too, I would suggest you to take advantage of this Black Friday and start a wave of low-cost Internet entrepreneurship!

I would recommend the combination

Of course if you have any questions, you are welcome to send letters, fan posts, and leave messages. I will be happy to discuss with you 😀 Save money happily~

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2. Online course Udemy (1-2% off)

udemy black Friday discount

Udemy is usually near Black Friday, and will reduce the price of courses from USD100 to USD200 to USD9.99 .

I usually take advantage of this time to buy all the skills classes I want to take first, and buy all the skills I want to learn next year!

This can save a lot of money😀

Udemy Black Friday discount course

3. Television

4. Computer

5. Kitchenware

6. Camera

I myself want to buy Go Pro this year, and then I can make some videos after going out to play😀

7. Smart Home Appliances & Headphones

8. Robot sweeping

9. Apple brand

10. Amazon brand

Amazon的Black Friday在:www.amazon.com/Black-Friday

11. Game console

Amazon Black Friday strategy, save big money in 3 steps

Black Friday Raiders

Amazon and eBay are two typical companies that will launch a large number of discounts on Black Friday each year. At this time, you can use the historical price query tool to help you see if there is a lot of discounts.

Step one, check discount

Black Friday Raiders

Amazon Black Friday website: www.amazon.com/Black-Friday

In order to make it easier for you to find the categories you like, I have sorted out Amazon product categories so that you can quickly find what you want to buy and create a list:

When you are looking for what you want, you can use Filter to help you find good products:

  • Customer Review: Choose more than four stars.
  • Shipping time (Prime Eligible): If there is a Prime logo, you can get the product within 1-2 days.
  • Price range (Price): select the price range (budget)
  • Discount: You can see 10%, 25%, 60% off

Step two, price comparison: check historical prices, Honey

After I have selected the things I want to buy, I usually use Honey to look at historical prices, and only start when I confirm that it is in the low-price area.

2.1 Install Honey

Honey is a price comparison tool, you can check historical prices, very convenient!

honey comparison

2.2 Put the goods into the shopping cart

Black Friday price comparison

2.3 Query historical prices

Black Friday Honey Price Comparison

Step three, evaluation: evaluation and sales

I usually buy products with more than four stars and more than 500 reviews.

Step four, place an order

After confirming the quality and historical price, you can happily put the things you want into the shopping cart and prepare for the checkout. This is a perfect guide to this Black Friday and save a lot of money for your wallet.

Other money-saving tips

Deserve Edu Credit Card

Advantage 1: You can apply without SSN

There are many credit cards, such as some Chase cards, which hope that you have accumulated a certain credit history before you can apply.

It is very suitable for people who have just arrived in the United States and have not yet obtained an SSN to apply and start accumulating credit records.

Extended reading: [Study Abroad Credit Card] Deserve Edu credit card, no SSN, easy application in 3 steps

Advantage 2: 1% cash consumption rebate

As the first card, it’s better to have feedback than no feedback😀

For online shopping, although Deserve Edu credit card only has 1% feedback, but it is used with Rakuten cash back. Rakuten is a Cash Back website. In addition to credit card feedback, you can earn cash back. There will be websites from time to time, and higher Feedback, the highest 10% or higher, will give different percentages according to different websites.

I’ll make a hotel reservation with Expedia to buy air tickets, that they will use this site to earn extra rewards, Udemy with Amazon will not have cash back when, after Chrome Extension, open the site will remind, click, you can accumulate Feedback is super convenient.

Apply for Deserve Edu Credit Card

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Discover IT Credit Card

Discover IT credit card is suitable for people who have just obtained SSN and have zero credit history. I just came to the United States to apply for the “God Card” in the first entry card, and the cash rebate% is very good.

Advantage 1: 5% quarterly feedback

  • 5% feedback : different types every season
    • 1-March: Supermarket, Walgreens, CVS
    • April-June: Come on, Uber, Lyft, Wholesale Clubs
    • July-September: Restaurants, PayPal
    • 10 – 12 月:Amazon、Walmart、Target
  • 1% feedback : other types of consumption

Advantage 2: Double cash back in the first year

The cash rewards accumulated in the first year will be matched. I will accumulate all the rewards this year, and I will give back to you at the beginning of the second year.

Example: If in the first year, all accumulated rewards are USD 150, in the second year, at the beginning, Discover it will give me USD 150 again.

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Call for special offers: If you find any special offers, please leave a message to me!

If you have found out which special offers, I have not listed them, but I think we must let every reader know, you can leave a message to me below, and I will update it regularly in this article!

in conclusion

If you are not in a hurry for small home appliances and electrical appliances with high unit prices, I usually put them in the shopping cart and use Honey to automatically remind me that when the price drops, I will send an email to me, which is very convenient.

Or I will wait until Black Friday to buy, usually save a few thousand yuan, if I happen to apply for a new new card, I can also accumulate card opening gifts and cash rewards.

Extended reading: [Study Abroad Credit Card] Discover IT Credit Card, a must-have card for international students in 2020

What are the things worth buying on Black Friday with the most discounts?

Usually smart TVs, computers, air fryer, robot cleaners, and small appliances can be discounted to more than $1000!

Where can I find the Black Friday discount?

You can check it directly on the official websites of Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy. It is recommended to make a list of what you want to buy first. You can use Google Shopping to find what you need at once!

You can also find what you need from my top ten categories!

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