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[Life in the US] Buy furniture in the United States, 3 sources for buying furniture, 10 commonly used furniture

by Jack
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Buy furniture? I just came to the United States and finally found a place to live, but I don’t know where to buy additional furniture or need a list of American furniture. This article will be introduced to everyone based on my experience.

Where can international students just come to buy it? Where can I buy a car without a car? When I have a budget, where can I find a local second-hand market? 

Finally, I listed a list of common 10 American furniture for everyone, so that everyone can quickly find a place to live and install their own residence.

Priorities to do when entering the U.S.:

“Visualization Overview” Guide to Study Abroad

  1. Buying air tickets : [U.S. Travel] How do I buy air tickets in the United States? 3 steps to buy cheap air tickets
  2. Report to school
  3. Looking for a long-term rental house :
  4. Open a bank account :
  5. Phone number
    • Temporary sim card : 14 to 30 days temporarily, you can report safety to your family after landing
      • [Recommendation] (people outside US) directly use e-sim card, open online before departure, and use the Internet directly when landing: Mint Telecom
  6. Apply for a credit card (start to accumulate credit records):
  7. My website for studying abroad
    1. [Study in the U.S.] 40 essential websites for studying in the U.S.
    2. [美国求职] #0 A collection of job hunting resources in the United States, 15 must-have websites, 2 books, and 4 PROJECTS
    3. [Money-saving teaching] Rakuten cash back, saving USD500 in teaching a year
  8. U.S. Medical Insurance :
    1. [Study in the US] US study abroad insurance, 4 common insurance types, 5 cost keywords
    2. [Apply for teaching] Student Medicover US medical insurance, how to save $1500 a year? Easy application 5 steps
  9. U.S. stock ETF investment account opening: [Account opening teaching] Firstrade, an American brokerage firm, a 5-minute easy account opening tutorial
  10. Changing your driver’s license: [Study in the US] Taiwan’s driver’s license is exempted from the test and the US driver’s license is easily changed in 33 states

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Summary of this article

  • Shopping artifact for online cash back
    • Rakuten ( 90 days through this website, if you purchase more than USD25 , you can get the recommendation reward USD30)
    • Coupon
  • Where to buy furniture? Harry Potter style furniture?
  • Find cheap: Where is the second-hand market
  • 10 common U.S. furniture shopping lists
  • How to get rid of furniture?

As an international student, I silently implanted my genes in “find cheap” and “save money”. In this article, I will briefly introduce the cashback and money-saving tools for online shopping on Rakuten and where to find coupons. In addition to introducing common online shopping for furniture Or physical store, I will also introduce the second-hand market. Provide a list of furniture, so that you can quickly purchase common living furniture when you just arrived at your residence, and finally will introduce how to get rid of the furniture if you want to move.

I hope this article can help you settle down in your residence, and have a comfortable and warm place to provide you with rest, so that you can continue to work hard in your life.

0. Online shopping money saving artifact: Rakuten cash back

Wait, before you start shopping online, if you want to do your job well, you must first sharpen your tools. Are you ready to save money online?

Rakuten is a Cash Back website. In addition to credit card feedback, you can earn cash back. There will be websites from time to time, with higher rewards. The highest value is 10% or higher. It will give back different% according to different websites. The picture below shows that I currently save USD 32.26. For each issue, you can choose to send Check to your home or PayPal to your account.

When I use Expedia to buy air tickets and book hotels, I use Rakuten to earn extra rewards. Udemy and Amazon have cash backs from time to time. After Chrome Extension is available, I will remind you when I open the website. Click to accumulate rewards. Super convenient.

Rakuten my referral link, use registration to get USD10 reward. (After 90 days through this website, if you purchase more than USD25 , you can get the recommendation reward USD30)

Extended reading: [Money-saving] Rakuten cashback use teaching

Buy furniture
Buy furniture

Tips for saving money on online shopping: check for Rakuten feedback , many businesses will provide feedback ranging from 1 – 15%

Money Saver

Register for the Rakuten cashback artifact

When the money-saving tools are ready, we can move on to the topic, where to buy furniture? Here are three main sources of furniture purchase.

1. 3 sources for buying American furniture

Buy furniture
Buy furniture

The three main sources are based on their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can easily determine which one is right for you.

Online storeDeliver directly to home after purchaseCan’t physically experience the real thing
Physical storeCan experience the real thingMay need to be taken home by yourself, or additional shipping charges
second-hand marketEasy to find cheap things,
usually the price is around 50% off
Pay attention to the quality and the condition of the item
Buy furniture

Comparison table of 3 sources of American furniture

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1.1 Online Store

Suitable for you who don’t have a car or don’t want to move heavy objects. You can look at the pictures online according to the products, and pay attention to the size (be sure to measure well, make sure there is enough space for the place you want to put), and then you can place an order with a little bit, and you can get it at your door in a few days Your furniture.

  • Slip-on merchandise
  • Place shopping cart
  • Checkout
  • Pick it up at your door

Here are 5 websites that I often look for American furniture. My favorite online website is actually Amazon. Although I like Ikea very much, and they also provide online shopping, the only reason why I am discouraged from buying Ikea online is the shipping cost. .

featureRakuten feedback
AmazonBusiness diversity, with Prime members can be delivered home in two daysSome types of goods have
IkeaNordic furniture store, offering affordable prices, suitable for those who like to assemble by handwithout
WayfairThe largest home furnishing e-commerce company, providing 3D product maps, focusing on the mid-level marketNo, you can find Coupon
TargetThere is a brand of its own design, and it is also a cheap routeSome types of goods have
The Container StoreRecommended by a friend, store small items, I wish I knew the shop a few years agoHave
Buy furniture

Five websites to buy furniture online


As the largest online shopping mall in the United States, if you are a Prime member again, the two-day delivery service can be said to be very convenient. Not only is it convenient to shop, but it is also very convenient to return goods.

American Furniture
Buy furniture

Rakuten feedback: Yes , some products Amazon offers cash feedback, remember to turn on the cash feedback button.


Nordic cheap furniture store, the design is also very textured. It is one of the stores that I like to buy furniture very much. They also provide online shopping. The only drawback is the shipping cost. I just bought a US24.99 table before, and the shipping cost is US10. .

Buy furniture

Freight test, freight is calculated according to the place of manufacture, a little test:

  • New York, Brooklyn
Food itemspricefreight
White tableUS24.99US10
Table, bed frame, bedside tableUS373.98US49
Buy furniture

The shipping fee will be diluted with the checkout amount. It is recommended to have a small item, or it is worth visiting Ikea near home to pick the items you like.

Note: There are many products that can only be purchased in-store.


At present, the largest home furnishing e-commerce company in the United States has five main brands, focusing on mid-level furniture products. The cool thing is that they provide 3D display pictures of products and can search for furniture by pictures.

Buy furniture

Rakuten Feedback: None

It is better to check if there are discount coupons before purchasing. I have provided three websites that I use frequently. In addition to using Rakuten’s cash back to save money, some websites do not have Rakuten cooperation, so I will look for coupons separately.


Updated on 2020/3/7, discount coupons will change at different times.


The second largest retail group in the United States, my favorite is their own Target design brand.

Buy furniture
Buy furniture

Money-saving tips: Target Weekly Ad

Rakuten feedback: Yes

Target provides weekly specials weekly report, you can also see which products have specials before you buy something.

Extended reading: [New York Travel] Supermarkets-3 must-know supermarkets

The Container Store

It is easy to specialize in storage, home storage products, and the website provides online ordering, in-store pickup services, or after reaching a certain amount, it can be shipped home without being required. A store that the master of storage will love very much. This is recommended to me by my friend. I must write it down. It is a store that she hopes to know a few years ago.

Rakuten feedback: Yes

Buy furniture

1.2 Physical store

As for those who like to actually experience the feeling of each item, and you don’t mind having to move the furniture yourself or pay extra shipping for large items, I recommend some physical stores of common American furniture.

IkeaNordic minimalist style, affordable price
MUJIJapanese minimalist style
Macy’sFamous American department store, the price is medium to high
Pottery BarnAmerican chain home furniture store, and there are Harry Potter series of furniture
Buy furniture


The Nordic cheap furniture store, the design is also very textured. It is one of the stores that I like to buy furniture very much. There are also delicious Nordic restaurants in the physical store, and display different rooms and style decorations.

Buy furniture


My favorite document and life store, I like to buy cotton sheets and stationery here. The bed is also very attractive to me, and many home furnishings are quite textured.

Buy furniture


The American classic department store has this department store in many big cities, and the price of furniture is relatively medium to high.

Buy furniture

Pottery Barn

The price is close to the people, and the quality is also very good. In particular, he has five sub-brands to choose from, and there are exclusive furniture for babies and teenagers. Among them, the Harry Potter series of furniture are even more exquisite.

pottery barn
Buy furniture
Buy furniture

1.3 Second-hand market

American Furniture
Buy furniture
Facebook communityFast fluidity, you can also use the plug selection function to quickly compare the objects you are looking for
WeChat communityIt is usually a local student household, but there is a limit on the number of people who can join the line, and there is no function of product selection.
Forum and websiteUsually more comprehensive coverage of the entire North American region
Buy furniture

As an international student, when I first came, I had good things in life. I usually don’t need too much expensive things. The second-hand market is quite suitable for me. I live in New York, a city with high mobility. It has created a vast second-hand market, usually used for less than two years, and the price is usually more than half the price. 

At that time, I was not sure if I would be in this city for a long time, so I tend to buy second-hand rather than brand-new things. When I encounter something that needs to be purchased, but I don’t have to buy brand new ones. Setting: 70-90% new, 40 -60% The price is the main condition for me to buy things.

Here, I used US50 to dig into a Dyson vacuum cleaner with the original price of US500, which has been used for about a year 😀

Treasure Digger Jack

Further reading: [US Rental Housing] How to find a suitable place for you? 6 common steps to rent a house

Facebook community

The advantage of the Facebook community is that the response rate is fast, and you can usually see the relevant information of the contact person. I myself met many very kind contacts and quickly bought the things I needed.

Many of them were international students and were about to return to China. In the previous big auctions, the time usually used was less than two years. Many of my items were second-hand and were of very good quality, such as my Datong electric cooker, desk lamp, computer screen, and laptop stand.

Of course, pay attention to the time of the post. If it is an article that has not been updated for a long time, it is very likely that a buyer has already been found!

American Furniture
Buy furniture
  • Left: There is a product search field

New York

Further reading: [New York Renting a House] Where is New York the safest? Rent budget? 4 areas where international students in New York live




WeChat community

You can join the wechat group of local international students. The customer group mainly composed of international students will easily sell off the auction when moving to different cities. Since the upper limit of each group is 500 people, each region may also be called “school.” , “Residence building”, “entry year” as the unit group, my own master’s degree was studied by NYU in New York. At that time, I added a lot of NYU second-hand groups and rental groups.

Forum and website

North American Micro ForumThe audience is mainly people living in North America, and most of the products are clothing.
New York University Chinese Student Union BBSNew York University students are mainly students, you can search by product category, and the location and price will all be displayed.
CraigslistMainly New York residents can choose products based on their place of residence and set distance.
Buy furniture

North American Micro Forum

American Furniture
Buy furniture

The North American Micro Forum mainly provides a platform for users in North America.

There is a second-hand trading platform. The frequency of Po posts is quite high. Approximately 45 posts are updated within an hour. The types of goods are very diverse, such as bags and shoes. , Coats, daily necessities, household items, but I see more po articles or articles about clothing.

Also note that because it is in North America, it is very likely that the goods you want are not in your driving or transportation. Where you can get there right away, it may be mailed.

Before buying, pay attention to the quality of the items you buy. After all, the cost of returning the goods is quite high, or you can’t even return the goods.

New York University Chinese Student Union BBS

American Furniture
Buy furniture

The New York University Chinese Student Association BBS is a platform operated for students in New York. The interface is quite clear and it also provides Filters.

By sorting and quickly selecting what you want, one of my favorite places is that there are “locations”. “And “price”, I usually buy a second-hand item, I will calculate the commuting cost and the price, which speeds up my selection of the goods I want, and I can do a preliminary selection before I click into the article. I think it is quite convenient.


American Furniture
Buy furniture
American Furniture
Buy furniture

This is a New York-based website, but you can also see some cities in the Eastern U.S. from the drop-down menu. You can also see second-hand trading platforms on the website. The interface mainly pictures. The menu on the left also provides Zip code and Distance to choose the surrounding commodities.

It is also worth mentioning that this website not only provides a second-hand trading platform, renting a house, but also job posts, and the classification is quite complete.

Further reading: [New York Renting a House] Where is New York the safest? Rent budget? 4 areas where international students in New York live

2. List of 10 commonly used furniture


American Furniture
Buy furniture

Since I don’t have a study room, the room is a place for me to rest and work efficiently. I am a highly computer user. Tables, chairs, beds and storage items will be very important to me.

I often write code and just write For many hours, to catch up with school assignments or my own projects, I picked a few lists with high ratings from Amazon to help you quickly buy what you need.

1. Table

2. Chair

3. Cabinet/book shelf

I am a bookworm myself. I like buying physical books very much. If you also like to buy physical books, you can also consider buying a bookshelf in your room.

4. Bed

The bed is divided into a bed frame and a mattress. According to the size of your room, you have to choose a different size bed. When I first came to the United States, I slept on a twin size bed (single bed), because I am not a very picky bed People, I can sleep in almost any bed. If you are a person with personal preferences, it is strongly recommended that you go to the physical store in person to sit and watch. After all, we spend one-third of the day on it. Rest is also an important part of maintaining our efficiency.

Size: From small to large

  • Twin: 97 cm x 190 cm (single bed)
  • Full: 125 cm x 190 cm (double bed)
  • Queen: 152 cm x 203 cm (larger double bed)
  • King: 193 cm x 203 cm (super large double bed, very wide)



5. Wardrobe

There are two main types,

Non-woven fabric + plastic frameEasy to carry, easy to assembleBeautiful, relatively low load
With doors and drawersBeautiful, easy to storeMoving is more troublesome
Buy furniture

I just used an iron frame when I first came here, because I am not sure how long I will stay in this city, so I choose my furniture based on the principles of simplicity, ease of disposal, and affordable prices.

6. Hangers

For me, hangers are not only more efficient in the use of space, but also can hang large winter coats and interview suits.

7. Storage box

In addition to the small storage tools of The Container Store recommended by my friend , large storage tools are also very important to me. I am a person who likes to keep things neatly. The storage box occupies an important place in my room. The status of the storage box is very important to me. It is made of plastic material, which is light and easy to carry.

living room

American Furniture
Buy furniture

For me, the living room is a communal space for communicating with my roommates. Since I first came here, I usually have roommates. The only thing I put in the living room is the shoe rack.

8. Shoe rack

I am a marathon runner, so I have a lot of running shoes. In winter, I also need snow boots. During the interview, I need a pair of leather shoes. So the shoe rack is usually full of shoes.


Buy furniture

9. Bathroom accessories

I have listed 2 practical small objects myself, namely carpets and storage racks.

The carpet is to absorb water when you just stepped out of the shower, so that the bathroom floor will not be filled with water, and then the slippers will be stepped on to soil the floor.

The storage rack on the toilet really makes full use of the entire toilet space. As a storage lover, I really recommend this rack and put it on the toilet so that you can make full use of this space. Put bath towels and towels when you take a bath. Changing clothes is very convenient.

10. Assembly tool set

Usually simple assembly tools are attached to assembling furniture, but if you prefer to have a complete tool set, you can buy a set for your home. Not only can you assemble the furniture, but it is also quite convenient to repair other things.

This group is a gun with automatic lock and screw loosening. Sometimes some furniture requires full force to lock the screws. At this time, he is a good helper.

3. 3 ways to get rid of furniture when moving

3.1 Second-hand sale

Like the second-hand market I mentioned above, it is not only a cheap place, but also a good place to get rid of the furniture around you before moving. The advantage is that you can also ask someone to buy to move out of your home. This is a very common place to get rid of in New York. The way of furniture.

In addition to the three main sources of the second-hand market, I would like to introduce the second-hand furniture auction platform I found when I was anxious about how to deal with large furniture before moving.

Note: In New York City, it is stipulated that mattresses cannot be randomly listed on second-hand auction sites, and only certified merchants can accept cases. Businesses that sell used mattresses need a license from the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS).

  • AptDeco : A place where your second-hand furniture is published for free, and a handling fee will be charged after the transaction.
  • Kaiyo : It’s mainly a place where the second-hand value of US500 or more is published. The cool thing is that after you pass the review, they will send someone to your house to remove the furniture. They will not charge you until they are sold.
Second-hand auction
Buy furniture
Used Furniture
Buy furniture

3.2 Donate to Goodwill for tax reduction at the end of the year, or give it to a friend

American furniture dispossessed

It can be donated to Goodwill or Salvation Army , and it is tax deductible in the tax year. If you need a tax deduction, you can refer to IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search (formerly Select Check) to find out which institutions are eligible for tax deduction and how to deduct tax.

Extended reading: [Study in the US] Tax filing for American international students-8 frequently asked questions & 7 tax filing steps

In addition, list some places where you can donate things to help local people:

3.3 Large garbage disposal

You need to make an appointment in advance, ask someone to dispose of the large garbage, and move it to a designated place for disposal. Sometimes it is necessary to spend money to ask someone to dispose of it.

In New York, New York can contact the New York Environmental Protection Agency to make an appointment or call 311. Mattresses and box springs must be wrapped in plastic bags before they can be discarded. Otherwise, a fine of US100 will be imposed.

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