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[Study in the U.S.] 40 must-have websites for studying in the U.S.

by Jack
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Study in the U.S. ? I have lived in the United States for more than 5 years and compiled the most commonly used websites for studying in the United States in my life.

In the beginning, I came to an unfamiliar environment in a panic! Slowly add the websites that are commonly used in daily life to my favorites. I would like to say that they should be the websites that will be used very often after coming to the United States, so I will help you organize them.

I hope to help international students who want to come to the United States to live in the United States. You can search each of the following websites. I classify them according to travel, food, clothing, housing, and transportation, and various websites that will be used in life, and money-saving information websites.

These are the most frequently used websites recommended by friends in my life! I hope it will be helpful to you and can accompany you through the mile of studying in the United States to pursue your dreams.

I divide it into eight categories for you to search easily. You can click on the list below and it will take you to the categories you are interested in quickly. Finally, I sorted out the states I currently know about, and the United States renting associations (welcome to leave a message for renting associations in more areas, I will update them so that people in the future can see more)

You can add these sites to your favorites, so that you can use them later.

New York Engineer Jack

Priorities to do when entering the U.S.:

“Visualization Overview” Guide to Study Abroad

  1. Buying air tickets : [U.S. Travel] How do I buy air tickets in the United States? 3 steps to buy cheap air tickets
  2. Report to school
  3. Looking for a long-term rental house :
  4. Open a bank account :
  5. Phone number
    • Temporary sim card : 14 to 30 days temporarily, you can report safety to your family after landing
      • [Recommendation] (people outside US) directly use e-sim card, open online before departure, and use the Internet directly when landing: Mint Telecom
  6. Apply for a credit card (start to accumulate credit records):
  7. My website for studying abroad
    1. [Study in the U.S.] 40 essential websites for studying in the U.S.
    2. [美国求职] #0 A collection of job hunting resources in the United States, 15 must-have websites, 2 books, and 4 PROJECTS
    3. [Money-saving teaching] Rakuten cash back, saving USD500 in teaching a year
  8. U.S. Medical Insurance :
    1. [Study in the US] US study abroad insurance, 4 common insurance types, 5 cost keywords
    2. [Apply for teaching] Student Medicover US medical insurance, how to save $1500 a year? Easy application 5 steps
  9. U.S. stock ETF investment account opening: [Account opening teaching] Firstrade, an American brokerage firm, a 5-minute easy account opening tutorial
  10. Changing your driver’s license: [Study in the US] Taiwan’s driver’s license is exempted from the test and the US driver’s license is easily changed in 33 states

Money-saving information

Study in the U.S.
Study in the U.S.

Money Saving Information Network

North American Express to save moneyThe United States saves money and special offers information is essential. I myself found special Bose earphones and suitcases on it. Although the information is quite sufficient, don’t go shopping too often, otherwise the wallet will disappear silently.
American GurutongA forum website that gathers American food, clothing, housing, transportation, and entertainment , suitable for people who have just come to the United States to study.

Cashback tool

RakutenIt is a Cash Back website , which is a way to earn cash back. From time to time, there will be websites with higher rewards. The highest value is 10% or higher. Different websites will give back different %. I buy air tickets, When you book a hotel, you will use Rakuten to earn extra feedback. Udemy and Amazon will have cash back from time to time. After Chrome Extension is available, you will be reminded when you open the website. You can accumulate feedback with one click.
Study in the U.S.

Extended reading: [Money-saving artifact] Rakuten cash back use instruction, save money in 4 steps

Rakuten my referral link, use the registration to get USD30 reward ( 90 days through this website, purchase more than USD25 , you can get the referral reward USD30)Receive Rakuten Rebate USD10

Shopping site

AmazonAs the largest online shopping mall in the United States, if you are a Prime member again, the two-day delivery service can be said to be very convenient. Not only is it convenient to shop, but it is also very convenient to return goods. I rely on Amazon for almost everything I buy. It is not only more convenient, but also very diverse.
Study in the U.S.


Study in the U.S.

Financial App

VenmoThe microfinance payment platform can use mobile phones to quickly transfer money to friends and support major banks without handling fees. I use this app to transfer money to friends for meals.
ZelleThe money transfer platforms between major banks do not require handling fees.
SplitwiseThe strongest account sharing app , travel abroad, roommates share accounts. I use this to split the bills with my roommates, utility bills. At the same time, it can be connected to the Venmo account, and the money can be transferred after the account split is automatically calculated.
Chase/BOA/Citi AppI think the apps of the major banks in the United States are similar and very useful.
Study in the U.S.

Extended reading: [Account Opening Teaching] Citibank Global Money Transfer, how to use Taiwan-dollar money flow remittance teaching, easy to open an account in 3 steps

U.S. Brokerage

Study in the U.S.
FirstradeIf you want to invest in US stocks and ETFs, Firstrade is one of the very good US brokers.
In addition to the full Chinese operation interface and 24-hour Chinese and English customer service, many stocks and ETFs are free of transaction fees, and account opening does not require any account opening fees, and you can easily open an account as long as you are online!
TD AmeritradeTD Ameritrade is another U.S. securities firm commonly used by investors. U.S. stocks and ETFs are also exempt from handling fees. The application process is slightly more complicated than Firstrade.

Extended reading: [Account Opening Teaching] Firstrade, an American brokerage firm, easy to open an account in 5 minutes

credit card

Study in the U.S.
Deserve EduA credit card designed for international students in the United States . Without SSN , it is the first card that can be issued at the beginning of school and accumulates credit records. It took about four months for me to learn about this card, and I went on to apply it immediately. Although the quota was not high at the beginning, I could start accumulating credit records.
DiscoverJust after obtaining SSN, the first entry card must be done , each season has a specific 5% cash back . My first card after work.
Study in the U.S.
  • Deserve Edu : Use my referral link to apply, you can sign up for USD30 .
  • Discover : Use my referral link to apply, you can have a card opening USD50 .

Further reading: [Study in the US] Can international students also apply for credit cards? 4 credit cards suitable for international students

Extended reading: [Study Abroad Credit Card] Deserve Edu credit card, no SSN, easy application in 3 steps

Extended reading: [Study Abroad Credit Card] Discover IT Credit Card, a must-have for international students in 2020

Study articles

Study in the U.S.

Utility tools (must have!!)

GrammarlyEnglish grammar checking tool , academic paper submission writing/business letter writing artifact. I bought the advanced version of Grammarly in my first year of master’s degree, and relying on him, I finished my various assignments and long reports, which is a must for studying abroad.
QuizletArtifact word back , when I played in English, they usually have a lot of people, provided with translations compared. In the advanced version, you can also put your own pictures and remember them in the form of pictures.
Rate My ProfessorsProfessors and course evaluations, providing a lot of courses and professor evaluations feedback from real American students .
Study in the U.S.

For these three websites, I will say that studying in the United States is a must. You must prepare in advance, which can save you a lot of time on the way to study.

Online course

UdemyOn the online course platform , the courses can be divided into two categories. You can build a project based on the foundation, and then prepare for the project that you will do when you are tired of interviews. Many technical courses can be found on it (Python, Web, Spark). .
CourseraWhen I was studying for a master’s degree in the United States, I also took a lot of classes on it to make up for the concepts I lacked and study systematically.
Study in the U.S.

I think Udemy is more practical , and Coursera is more of a complete university course .

Further reading: 15 must-have websites for job hunting in the United States


Essentials for chasing drama

NetflixThe nation’s largest drama-following platform , almost all of my friends have Netflix accounts. I once had a meeting with a professor, and when she shared on the screen, she stayed on the Netflix screen😀
HuluThere are many well-known American dramas on the drama chasing platform . My own telecommunications company sent me a Hulu account.
Study in the U.S.

Extended reading: [Teaching screenshots] Netflix VPN recommendation, easy setup in 5 steps, watch American and Japanese Netflix across regions

Cheap tickets

GrouponOn discount coupon websites , I always look for discount coupons on Groupon when I buy things. My Costco members and tickets to Woodbury Outlet all found discount coupons in advance before buying them. One of the money-saving artifacts for studying in the United States.
StubhubYou can buy cheap tickets for NBA, MLB, Broadway, and concerts on local cheap ticketing websites .
Study in the U.S.


Study in the U.S.
UberCar-hailing platform . Sometimes when I go home very late, I would ask this to take me home directly.
LyftUsually I open Uber and Lyft at the same time, whichever is cheaper right now.
WazeNavigation service , which is different from Google Map, can provide real-time traffic information .
Study in the U.S.

Food articles

Food App

YelpA must-have for eating out, you can check the surrounding popular restaurants, which have the restaurant’s entire question evaluation and price range. What I like most is that there are often users inside, taking photos of each dish to help me visualize the dishes on the menu.
Study in the U.S.

Takeaway App

UberEatCall the food delivery app , where I live, the restaurants provided are very complete. If I can’t find the restaurant I want, I will use the following two apps.
SeamlessCalled the takeaway app.
DoordashCalled the takeaway app.

Uber Eats:  h ttp://ubr.to/EatsGiveGet , you can use my promotional code eats-jackt654 to get USD7 for the first time

Asian snacks

YaminetNorth America’s largest shopping platform for Asian goods , I most often buy Taiwanese noodles, Japanese instant noodles, and snacks on it. My classmates also order box by box and order their prepared snacks.
Study in the U.S.

Receive USD 5 for new Yami users

Hometown Recipes

Love cookingTaiwan Recipe.com, if you can’t eat it from your hometown, just make it yourself. I cook almost all kinds of dishes, I refer to the recipes in it. A must for international students!
Study in the U.S.

Job hunting articles

Study in the U.S.
LinkedInThe nation’s largest workplace social networking platform, it is recommended to set up an account first, which is very important for finding a job. When I was looking for a job, I bought the advanced version , which I can inmail to HR, and provide a competitive analysis of each job vacancy to understand my current competitiveness.
GlassdoorWorkplace evaluation and salary disclosure platform . If you want to know the position and salary of each company, you can refer to this website.
IndeedMost companies will put the company’s recruitment information on it, and you can easily apply for jobs in each company .
Study in the U.S.

Travel articles

Study in the U.S.


AirbnbThe booking platform is mainly homestays. Every time I go out, I will give priority to Airbnb. I can live in the houses of local residents and experience the culture of each place.
Booking.comIf I can’t find a good place to live in on Airbnb, I will consider the following three Booking.com, Hotels.com, and Agoda. I will use whichever is cheaper in the same time period .
Hotels.comMy Taiwanese family travels to Japan, Europe, and the United States, the most commonly used platform, because every 10 nights stay, one night will be given away .
AgodaOn the booking platform, if the above two did not find the desired place of residence, I would refer to this website. In short, compare more and save travel expenses.
Study in the U.S.

If you have not joined Airbnb, you can use my discount link , click on it, and you will get a discount of USD35 in cash.

Receive Airbnb Travel Fund USD 35

Receive Hotels.com Travel Credit USD50


TripAdvisorThe tourism evaluation platform gathers the evaluations of 200 million travelers from all over the world , and I often use it to find popular attractions.
KlookTo save money on attractions packages , my family or friends come to play, I will buy attractions packages on this website, the same attractions, often can save more than USD100.
Study in the U.S.

book a flight

Google FlightsIt can be called the most powerful website for checking air tickets . Not only can you choose the time period, you can also see the fluctuation of the air ticket throughout the year.
SkyscannerThis is the ticket website I will use when traveling within the United States to buy air tickets for travel within the United States .
Study in the U.S.

Extended reading: [U.S. Travel] How to buy air tickets in the United States? 3 steps to buy cheap air tickets

Car rental

RentalcarsCar rental price comparison platform , all major chain car rental companies (Hertz, Avis), etc., are often cheaper than direct car rental companies. Car rental insurance is provided. If you cancel your reservation 48 hours before, you will get a full refund.
Study in the U.S.

Extended reading: [U.S. car rental] 2020 U.S. car rental guide, 5 steps to easily rent a car

Facebook clubs: foreign students looking for housing, student unions, fellow villagers’ associations

A must-have website for studying in the U.S.
Study in the U.S.

If you have a club in your local city, you can also let me know by leaving a message in the article. I will update my article, and I hope my article can help more overseas students!

East bank

New York


North Carolina


West Bank

Bay area

Los Angeles





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