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[US Telecom] Mint Mobile, $15 per month, 5 easy steps to apply online (including reader discount of $15, free one month)

by Jack
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Mint Mobile is the telco that I have used for a long time. Before this, I also used T-Mobile, Cricket, and different telecommunications, but in the end, I still use Mint telco for a long time! And the application number does not need SSN, which is very suitable for international students! If your mobile phone can support e-sim, you can even set it up two or three days before departure, and you can use it directly when you land! (Very convenient, while keeping the sim card of the original country)

If you just came to the United States, the most troublesome thing is to get a phone number. It is very troublesome to think of going to a telecommunications store. You will also need a number to open a bank account! Fortunately, all Mint applications are online, and they will be sent to your home in about 2-3 days after the application is completed!

Finally, I’ve also sorted out Mint’s Reader Deals so you can save $15, which is the equivalent of a whole month for free! Now there is a Winter Sale, 45 yuan, you can use it for six months, which is equivalent to $7.5 per month! ! !

Among them, the monthly telecommunications fee of $15 is also the lowest I have ever paid, and there is no need to bind it. It is quite flexible. It is suitable for people who come to play for 1-3 months in the short term, and it is also suitable for people who live and work in the United States for a long time! In addition to the plan itself being cheap enough, you can save about $400-500 in mobile phone telecommunication charges every year!

(Reader Discount)

Priorities to do when entering the U.S.:

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  4. Open a bank account :
  5. Phone number
  6. Apply for a credit card (start to accumulate credit records):
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Description of Mint Moblie

Mint Mobile

Mint Telecom does not operate in the same way as the traditional Big Four (T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint). Compared with traditional telecom operators, they all need their own hardware base stations and equipment!

He belongs to the “Mobile Virtual Network Operator” (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), which operates a virtual mobile network and does not need to have its own telecommunications equipment. Instead, it leases equipment from the above-mentioned four major telecommunications companies to provide consumer telecommunications services. !

He leases the device directly from T-Mobile and offers consumers high-speed internet (4G LTE), texting, and calling at a cheap price! In addition to being cheap, he has another even more powerful advantage!

He doesn’t need to “tie the contract”, he sets the usage time (3 months, 6 months, 12 months) by himself, which is quite flexible, similar to the concept of if card!

Why should I choose Mint Mobile? 4 reasons

Mint Mobile

Why did I jump from T-Mobile to Mint? The main thing is the cost, because we can save $200 a year, my wife and I can save nearly $400, which becomes our travel fund and Black Friday shopping fund!

Reason 1: Personal telecommunications solutions are the cheapest

Compared with traditional telecom operators, this solution is the cheapest I have ever used. From his operation, we can see that he has put all his resources into customers!

They are completely online and make the online experience very smooth. It only takes five minutes to apply and it will be delivered to your home in 2-3 days! Save a lot of storefront costs and personnel costs, and the service quality has not declined because of this!

Reason 2: Support e-sim card function

If you have a sim card from your original country, you want to keep it to receive text messages, or you don’t want to change your sim card after you go abroad, or you don’t want to wait 2-3 days for the sim card to be sent to your home, and want to “immediately” Use this service!

The E-sim card can help you solve the above problems:

  1. Use a virtual e-sim card, which does not occupy a sim card slot, and can hold two numbers at the same time
  2. You can start the service “immediately”, set it up before going abroad, and start using it directly after landing.

If an eSim card is installed,

  • It can be installed before departure, and it can be used directly after landing in the United States
  • You don’t have to pull out the sim card too often
  • Back to Taiwan, you can insert a Taiwan sim card

iPhone models that support eSIM

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • any iPhone 11
  • any iPhone 12
  • latest iPhone SE

There are many models that are supported, you can directly use the detector on the official website to see if your model conforms!

Check if your phone supports e sim card! Check e-sim

Mint Mobile

Reason 3: Good user experience (without SSN)

Also because the application is completely online, you don’t even need an SSN, just click the five steps on the Internet, and finally, check out!

2-3 days, delivered to the home, and the way to install is super easy!

Reason 4: Perfect online customer service

Mint Mobile

If you have lived in the United States for a long time, you will know that many customer service calls in the United States start within 30 minutes. They provide real customer service, which also effectively reduces my waiting time, and can solve my problems very instantly!

Just enter your name, email, and mobile phone to know how many people are currently waiting online!

(Reader Discount)

Is Mint Mobile good for reception? coverage

Mint Mobile

I used to live in New York, and the reception was actually full, and when I went out to play, it was still full! But in a sparsely populated place, in fact, even the traditional telecom operators are not very good at receiving messages!

Mint Telecom is the telecom field that uses T-Mobile, so in fact, it is enough for the whole United States!

It can also be seen from the above picture that the coverage rate in the United States is very extensive, especially in big cities, and there is no physical difference from the general traditional telecommunications companies!

Pros and Cons of Mint Mobile

Mint Telecomtraditional telecommunications
priceCheapRelatively high
flow4G, 10G, 15G, UnlimitedUnlimited traffic can be added to the Family Plan
boundno bondageneed to bind
Use experienceIt is very easy to get started, watch the official website video, and get started quickly!Need to go to the telecommunications business office for processing
Carry the original numberIn five minutes, you can switch to MintNeed to go to the office for processing
Mint Mobile


  • 5 minutes online application, 2-3 days to send home
  • No SSN required (suitable for new international students)
  • Inexpensive (save $400 – 500 a year)
  • Flexible, no need to bind (suitable for short-term and long-term use)
  • Bring your original number
  • No need to buy extra cell phone

A tragic experience of changing telecommunications: I once changed my Cricket number to T-mobile, and ran back and forth to the store. It took me a long time to get it at home, and it took me several hours!

I was originally holding it, and it took about half an hour to get in the mood. To deal with Mint, I didn’t expect it to be very simple and smooth, and the whole process took less than 10 minutes! Quite astonished me!


  • There are only 4 traffic options, and a minimum purchase of three months
  • In places with many people, the reception may be poor (because it uses T-Mobile’s telecommunications station, it will give priority to serving T-Mobile users)

Five steps to easily apply for Mint Mobile ($15 discount for readers, equal to a free month)

STEP 1: Place an order to purchase a plan

(Reader Discount)

mint mobile application
Mint Mobile

I chose the cheapest $15 plan because I have Wifi in my home and workplace, so there are fewer opportunities to use it!

Probably when you go out to play, you will use it a lot. If you want to increase traffic usage, you can easily buy it in the app!

STEP 2: Select the type of Sim card (after checkout, it will take about 2-3 days to arrive home)

Mint Mobile

Choose the sim card delivery method!

  • traditional sim card
  • e-Sim card: If the phone supports it, you can use telecommunication services without physically inserting the Sim

Note: Not every mobile phone supports e-sim card

Advantages of eSim

If an eSim card is installed,

  • It can be installed before departure, and it can be used directly after landing in the United States
  • You don’t have to pull out the sim card too often
  • Back to Taiwan, you can insert a Taiwan sim card

Models that support eSIM

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • any iPhone 11
  • any iPhone 12
  • latest iPhone SE

STEP 3: Receive the package, Activate Plan

Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile

After getting the package, you can open your email, select Activate Now, you can choose to get a new number, or keep the original number!

Usually delivered within 2-3 days!

STEP 4: Bring the original number to Mint Mobile (you can save it when applying for a new number)

Mint Mobile

Follow his steps to easily carry your number, or use a new number!

The new number will generate the first three codes according to your zip code. Usually, when you see a friend calling you, the displayed area is usually the place where his number is applied for!

STEP 5: Account conversion (about five minutes)

Mint Mobile

If you keep the original number and enter the information of the previous telecom provider (account number, PIN code), the conversion will be successful in about five minutes!

Further reading: Switch It Up — How To Bring Your Phone Number To Mint

Teaching the Mint Mobile App

How can I check the monthly data usage?

Download the Mint app, open it, you will see the current usage, and there are still a few days left. If you use more than 80% of the data, he will also remind you very intimately that the data will be used up soon!

If you are traveling abroad, you will use a lot of data. You can also purchase some additional data during the trip! Very convenient!

Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile

How to set up automatic debit?

If you are afraid that you will forget to pay the phone bill yourself, and then there is no phone available, you can click into my Plan, then click Auto-Renewal, and you can turn on automatic bill payment!

Intimate reminder: After three months of use, it is the most cost-effective to buy 12 months later, so when I automatically renew, I have selected a 12-month plan in advance, which is $180, and the average monthly price is $15!

Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile

(Reader Discount)

My experience: Save more than $400 a year

My own experience of using it is very good. I like their app very much. It is easy to operate, and it is easy to see the current data usage. It is easy to renew and transfer!

In terms of speed and stability, I feel that there is not much difference with my previous T-Mobile, except to go to some sparsely populated places or places with many people (T-mobile will give priority to support T-mobile users, Then provide Mint users)

In the end, I originally had T-Mobile Family Pan, about $30-40 per number, and Verizon Family Pan was $50-60 a month, my wife and I could save more than $400 a year!

Frequently Asked Questions from Readers

Can I still use it when I leave the United States to travel?

Yes, there are two ways

. The first is to use Roaming, which is roaming. Remember to top up your Mint account!

Second, using Wifi Calling, you can receive SMS overseas for free (receive Bank of America verification SMS)

If I don’t want to use it after a few months, can I replace it?

Yes, if three months are up and you want to switch to other telecommunications, you can easily transfer the number to other telecommunications!

Will 4G Data per month be enough?

Personally, I don’t think so, because there is Wifi at home, school, and workplace, and I only use 3G every month!
If you are afraid that is not enough, Mint also has 10GB, 15GB options!

I’m going to Raod Trip, is this enough?

All are full, basically the same as T-mobile, but in sparsely populated places, basically everyone’s telecommunications provider’s services are not very good!

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