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[Tutorial] Rakuten Cashback, Save $500 per year easily in 4 steps

by Jack
rakuten cashback
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What is Rakuten? Apart from earning credit card rewards in the United States, is there any other way to have cash rewards? Can I get cash back for online shopping? This article will introduce the most commonly used cashback websites and artifacts in the United States, which will help you save more than 500 yuan a year.

4 steps to save money. Using this will save me at least USD200 a year. For international students, it is really a great news, especially in the United States most of the time, I will use the Internet to buy things! The best part is that booking air tickets (Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia), buying computers, online courses (Udemy), department stores (Macy’s), etc., are relatively expensive things, There will be rewards, not only cash rewards, but also credit card rewards, which is equivalent to two rewards! I highly recommend this money-saving tool
  1. Register Rakuten account
  2. Install Chrome Extension, there will be automatic reminder feedback
  3. Shop at your favorite store (Udemy, H&M, Nike, Expedia), and turn on Chrome Extension
  4. You can get feedback in every season

Priorities to do when entering the U.S.:

“Visualization Overview” Guide to Study Abroad

  1. Buying air tickets : [U.S. Travel] How do I buy air tickets in the United States? 3 steps to buy cheap air tickets
  2. Report to school
  3. Looking for a long-term rental house :
  4. Open a bank account :
  5. Phone number
    • Temporary sim card : 14 to 30 days temporarily, you can report safety to your family after landing
      • [Recommendation] (people outside US) directly use e-sim card, open online before departure, and use the Internet directly when landing: Mint Telecom
  6. Apply for a credit card (start to accumulate credit records):
  7. My website for studying abroad
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    2. [美国求职] #0 A collection of job hunting resources in the United States, 15 must-have websites, 2 books, and 4 PROJECTS
    3. [Money-saving teaching] Rakuten cash back, saving USD500 in teaching a year
  8. U.S. Medical Insurance :
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  9. U.S. stock ETF investment account opening: [Account opening teaching] Firstrade, an American brokerage firm, a 5-minute easy account opening tutorial
  10. Changing your driver’s license: [Study in the US] Taiwan’s driver’s license is exempted from the test and the US driver’s license is easily changed in 33 states

Introduction to Rakuten & Advantages


Rakuten is a Cash Back In addition to credit card feedback, websites can earn cash back. From time to time, there will be websites with higher rewards. The highest value is 10% or higher, and different percentages will be returned according to different websites.

The picture below shows that I currently save USD 208.62. For each installment, you can choose to send Check to your home or PayPal to your account.

When I use Expedia to buy air tickets and book hotels, I will use this website to earn extra feedback. Udemy and Amazon will have cash back from time to time. After Chrome Extension, open the website will remind you, click to accumulate Feedback is super convenient.

Rakuten My referral link , Use registration to get USD30 reward(need to spend over $25 within 90 days)。


  • Online shopping: Almost common online shopping sites provide different% cash back (Amazon, Hotel.com, Expedia…
  • Physical stores: Many physical stores also cooperate with Rakuten to provide cash back
  • Recommendation reward:Recommend to a friend to get a recommendation reward of USD25
  • How to pick up:You can choose Pay Pal or send a check to your home

Registration and rewards

Currently registering this cashback website, you can get it if you purchase over USD25 through this website within 90 days The recommended reward is USD30.

Most of the time, the registration reward is USD10. Recently, there is suddenly USD30 (2020.08)

Install Chrome Extension to automatically remind cash back

This cash reward website currently provides the Chrome Extension tool. When you browse a cooperative website, it will pop up in the upper right corner by itself. As long as you Activate, it will record your consumption limit on this website and give cash rewards.

I like this feature very much, which saves me having to go to his website every time and connect to the website I want to go to.

Introduction to cash back function

How to use: 4 steps

Step 1: Install Chrome Extension

Before we start, please install it first Chrome Extension, it will help us automatically detect sites that can be cashback, if, In line with the cashback website, he will automatically pop up a message to remind you to activate it.

Step 2: Click on the upper right corner to activate the cash back (here taking Udemy as an example)

Here I use Udemy as an example when I enter Udemy. When I just installed the Chrome Extension, he detected that Udemy is a cashback website, so we clicked the red button to enable “Cashback”.

Step 3: Start the cashback screen

When we just click to activate the cashback, we will jump to this screen. After about 2-3s, we will jump back to the website where we just shopped.

Step 4: Check that cash back has been activated

Click on the “R” Chrome Extension in the upper right corner, and you will see “xx% Cash Back Now Active”, so your consumption on this website will be recorded, and rewards will be given according to your consumption amount.

How soon can I get the cash back?

It is divided into four quarters. Each quarter has a withdrawal date. According to the feedback time of your consumption website, there is a corresponding date.

Example: If I buy a few classes on Udemy in January, I can get cash back as soon as 5/15.

How to get cash back? 2 ways

There are currently 3 ways

  • PayPal
  • Check sent home
  • Amex Points

I myself prefer to use PayPal, which is faster, and I don’t have to wait for Check, and then I have to deposit it in my bank account.

In-store cash rewards

Common cooperative entity storefronts

  • Casual wear:Nautica、Express、Forever 21、CK、
  • Sportswear:Asics、Under Armour
  • Shoes:Clarks、UGG
  • Travel Brand:Samsonite
  • Department Store:Northstorm Rack

How to use: 4 steps

Step 1. Query surrounding businesses

Click “View Map” to display the businesses around you, and you can also enter your zip code to find the corresponding businesses.

Step 2. Click “Link Offer”

Click “Link Offer” to activate the merchant’s cash back. He will tie your card, and when you use the tied card to spend, it will automatically record the cash back.

Step 3. Link to your card

Agree, tie the card, and after you agree, he will show your card. Remember to use the card you tie to spend. If there is a specific card you want to use, you can “Link to a New Card” and then “Link Offer” again.

Step 4. Go to the merchant for shopping

After happily going to the merchant for consumption, the cash feedback will be automatically recorded.

Note: This “Link Offer” will become invalid after one consumption. Before the next consumption, remember to “Link Offer” before consumption.

So it is recommended to download the App, you can easily start the “Link Offer”, you can also open the message push.

Rakuten co-branded credit card

They also launched their own Co-branded credit card,advantages:

  • 3% extra reward: use a co-branded credit card and meet the cash reward website consumption of this website
  • 1% feedback: any consumption
  • Opening bonus: USD10
  • No annual fee


I personally think that using this cashback website really saves me a lot of money, and I highly recommend it. Especially when you come to study abroad, you will always buy air tickets, Udemy courses, or use Amazon to buy things.

These websites will provide cash feedback, if you use a credit card, it will be more effective.

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